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Free Photo Album Creator
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Audio Catalog
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Simona Planner
Simona Planner A program for college students looking for a way to organize the courses they have taken and the tests or papers they have written into a concise visual form. Simona Planner uses a folder/file cabinet metaphor to organize the data. There are two file cabinets: The Current Semester File Cabinet, in which you create folders that represent the courses that you are currently taking, and the Past Semesters File Cabinet where the courses you have taken are collected and organized for easy display. The beauty of it all is that Simona Planner automatically calculates your GPA and your accumulated credits. The program features a hypothetical GPA calculator, where you can input mock grades, and a progress graph of your GPA semester by semester. Simona Planner also features a phone book to keep track of people and calendar to keep track of appointments, and test or paper due dates.Requires the VB 4.0 Runtimes.


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