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AutoKrypt, the perfect auto data encryption and decryption software suitable both for corporate and home users.

ClipMagic Lite

ClipMagic Lite
ClipMagic Lite, this smart clipboard extender and management software can enhance the power, function and storage capacity of your clipboard.


F@x2000 1.01 download page

F@x2000 Using F@x2000 from CCR, you can send print-qualitydocuments over the Internet without the hassle and cost of a traditional fax machine. F@x2000 allows you to print a document from any application and email images of the pages to any recipient worldwide! For the first time you can : F@x Toll-Free and in Color, No toner or paper costs, No busy signals or paper jams, No waiting for a fax machine. Simply print your docuemnt to the F@x2000 printer driver, enter the email address and press 'Send'. Thats it. Stop faxing and start F@xing.


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