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Ultimate Fractal 1.1 by fotoviewDownload

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License Shareware / $39
Downloads 73
File size 1.5 MB
Date added 30-Sep-2008
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Editor's review:

Create amazing fractal artwork in just a few seconds. Explore the Wonderful World of Fractals. Fractals are complex, detailed geometric patterns found throughout the natural world. Ultimate Fractal generates images or designs of amazing detail.

Pros: A fractal is a rough or fragmented geometric shape that can be split into parts. Each part usually is rough copy of the bigger part, the smaller component then is a smaller copy of the bigger part. They thus appear similar at all levels of magnification and are considered infinitely complex. Benoit Mandelbrot named the items Fractals. Many natural objects appear to be composed of fractals as you break them down to smaller and smaller parts. These include clouds, mountain ranges, lightning bolts, coastlines, blood veins and snow flakes etc. You are able to generate amazing patterns starting from basic shapes. Playing with the fractals can give you interesting shapes. Do remember though the resulting shape could also be very mundane one. Some of the starting points are Mandelbrot set, Julia set and so on. The Mandelbrot set was discovered in 1980 by Benoit Mandelbrot. It is generated by a very simple formula, but it is incredibly complex. The Mandelbrot set is loosely self-similar: parts of the original fractal appear again when zooming in, but often deformed and with different ornaments. This is what makes it so rewarding to zoom into this fractal. You never know what to expect. One of the most basic fractal types is the family of Julia sets. Julia sets are created by a simple formula with one complex parameter called C or seed. This parameter can be varied to create many variations. Julia sets are self-similar.

The program starts with the Mandelbrot set and lets you experiment with the fractals. Click and drag inside the fractal window to zoom in. Click the right mouse button to zoom out. Ultimate Fractal has many more possibilities, but it is a good idea to start with simple zooming to get a feeling for what fractals are and how the program works.

Cons: This is not a tool to actually create graphic designs but more of a tool to familiarize with the concepts.

Overall: Nice tool if you want to get yourself familiarize with fractals and particularly for Mandelbrot and Julia sets. This is a very good 3 star rated.

Publisher's description:

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