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ComfyJ review

Price $1149.00 ComfyJ screenshot

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Publisher TeamDev Ltd
File size 6000 KB
Date reviewed 1 June 2016
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    ComfyJ is a highly comprehensive program that will quickly and easily integrate COM-to-Java.
    This exclusive program is specially designed to quickly and easily integrate a Java application with any COM/OLE/OCX/ActiveX library. This program is integrated with COM Interfaces and Data Types Wrappers that allow working with COM types and interfaces like with ordinary Java objects. It also includes features like: the ability to invoke methods of a COM object via its function indexes in VTBL or by their names using Automation approach, the ability to create custom Java COM servers to be exposed as COM object to other COM applications, provides wrappers for base COM interfaces and easily integrate with custom COM interfaces, expose Java objects as COM objects using IUnknownServer and IDispatchServer.
    ComfyJ, this simple program can also generate Java COM wrappers for COM components or COM Type Libraries.

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