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Mopyfish review

Price Freeware Mopyfish screenshot

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File size 1,30 MB
Date reviewed 15 September 2001
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      Do you like pets? Iím sure you do. Every fifth citizen of the world is keen on pets. But can you afford yourself to have a pet? Oh, you canÖ Now try to answer for the second time, thinking over your abilities and possibilities. The answer has changed for the worse, so try to concentrate and to enter the magic world of virtual pets.
      Mopyfish isnít a virtual pet in conservative meaning of this word. Itís a whole world of your pet, world, where you have to collect points and enjoy the process. After the installation youíll definitely launch the game because of your natural curiosity, set all the parameters and then see the black screen with a good, real-looking fish on it. You first idea will be to feed your pet. But first of all youíd better give it a name. A-fish-keeping-manual youíll find inside the game, and I advise you to read it carefully, because the correct treatment will make you loving this nice silent pet. Now you should remember, that your responsibility is defined by your moral qualities. After collecting the maximal number of points you may decide, whether itís possible for you to have a pet or not Ė Mopyfish game is a kind of a ownership test. Your OS should be not less than Win98, and you can start your test.

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