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My Mouse review

Price Freeware My Mouse  screenshot

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Publisher Jason Cox
File size 1,35 MB
Date reviewed 16 September 2001
My Mouse
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      So tell me now, how do you feel about programs, which are useless and can be used just as additional features or just jokes of your system? As for me, I would never miss an opportunity to see such piece of software, but Iíve never doubted in the absence of profit from these programs. One can say, that Iím too pragmatic about the software industry, but I cannot decline that Iím too serious about it at the same time.
      Iím not against programs like My Mouse. Youíll be probably surprised to learn out, what this program is for, but donít laugh saying ďStupid!Ē I bet youíll be intrigued by this product. Its aim is inÖ automatic clicking. Yep, Iím not joking Ė it will click different icons and URLs without your hand on the mouse! All you have to do is to set the frequency of clicking and go ahead flooding in chat-rooms, rebooting different programs and so on. Itís all nothing but fun. What a stupid fun! Donít make fast decisions, because youíll be definitely excited during usage of this program. In fact, youíll fall in love with this simple, nice, useless but funny mouse tool! It requires Win98 and a little open-mindedness from you. Itís low demands, isnít it?

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