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Kua Number Generator review

Price Freeware Kua Number Generator  screenshot

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Publisher Arun Nair
File size 40 Kb
Date reviewed 17 September 2001
Kua Number Generator
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      I can’t say much about Feng Shui, Kua numbers and other elements of Chinese philosophy. But, as I know, a lot of people are keen on it all over the world at the moment. Let the Holy Bible decide, whether it’s bad or good, and I will keep on telling you about the strangest program I’ve ever seen in my life.
      It’s called Kua Number Generator, but I’m not sure if it’s the full name of the program. Different sites call it just as they wish (Feng Shui, Kua Generator etc.). You’ll have to choose your sex (male or female) and write the year of your birth. After that you should press the large button, and the program will count your Kua Number and tell you about your harmonious direction (West, for example), your luckiest element, luckiest objects and your luckiest colors. But the strangest thing in this program is in its characteristics for “Tui” and “Career Tip”. I can’t say that I was annoyed by this program, I was really intrigued. Well, thinking in the way it thinks, I want to ask all of you: “So what’s the difference between me and my friend, who is a male and who was born in 1984, as well?” The program requests Win95, and you should definitely try it.

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