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Flag 3D Screensaver review

Price Freeware Flag 3D Screensaver  screenshot

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Publisher Improbable Software
File size 263 Kb
Date reviewed 1 October 2001
Flag 3D Screensaver
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      Flags are symbols of different nations, governments, forces or even ideologies. Is it possible to imagine a state without its own flag? Iím sure it isnít! But what about you? Do you want to have the most famous flags as your screensavers? Iím sureÖ
      Yes, Iím sure that you need Flag 3D Screensaver, even if you still havenít realized that. This program will be a good game for anyone, who loves different symbols. All you have to do after downloading is to launch ďInstall.batĒ, and then to follow the instructions (donít be too optimistic, youíll definitely need some hints and tips to install this ďDie HardĒ!). After that you should restart your PC, then to set the parameters of this screensaver (to choose the flag and other ďmoving styleĒ stuff) and to enjoy. In fact, the best thing in this program is the feature, which allows you to watch your favourite flag flying over your desktop. The program contains different flags, but unfortunately the choice isnít so big as it was supposed. More than that: some of them are shown in unknown, chaotic order, so donít be surprised, if youíll see Canadian flag instead of your favourite, American, for example. The program requires Win95 and higher.

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