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Virtual Rock review

Price Freeware Virtual Rock screenshot

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Publisher Around Midnight
File size 121 kb
Date reviewed 30 July 2001
Virtual Rock
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      As you certainly remember, about two or more years ago there was a real fashion-time for the notorious Tamagochi-mates or pets. Virtual pets give you the possibility to develop your own feeling of responsibility, or to avoid being alone and gloomy, or just make your dream of pet come true, but without any difficulties, caused by a real animal. PC-version of such Tamagochi isn’t so original, but, probably, it could get back the success of past days of Tamagochi (or even defeat the ruling at the moment mania of Pokemons).
      Virtual Rock is the game, which could be named a “PC copy” of Tamagochi. But it has much more advantages in comparison with “the real Japanese virtual pet”. The most important is in its “optional” existence: you may always choose, whether you want to play and take care of your pet, or to switch it off and forget about it for hours. It doesn’t disturb you, and that is very good, as it seems to me. The second one is in its simple installation and low demands.
      The usage of the program would be easy and clear for every User, even a beginner. You just click the buttons by your mouse and choose whatever you want to do with your pet. You can create a new pet, call it as you wish, play with it or feed it, control its mood and health. So everything was brought from a Tamagochi-game, but, produced for a PC, it looks smarter and more convenient. Just try it out to know, whether you are responsible pet owner or not!

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