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Mindful, the multi-functional tool serves you with an event reminder, password manager and many related tools into a simple system tray application.

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RipTiger Basic
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MailBell review

Price $15 MailBell screenshot

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Publisher EmTec, Marcus Schmidt
File size 714 Kb
Date reviewed 2 October 2001
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      Do you like to waste your time? Iím sure you donít. Your time costs very much, as I suppose. SoÖ Ainít it simpler to do as many things as itís only possible simultaneously, than to do them one after another? Iím sure youíll appreciate the program, which could save your time and bring you some extravagant pleasure Ė the pleasure of being the fastest.
      MailBell - thatís the name of a program, which will check all your mailboxes automatically. It will alert you, if you have something new to look through, or say nothing, in case if you have nothing to read. Itís very convenient to set the parameters and then to use it. Youíll have to set them only once, but then read the instructions to avoid problems: everything, what can seem be simple to an experienced user, could be very hard for a beginner. Its interface is extremely simple, its functions are really genius (I mean the way it works). As for me, I was really glad to avoid usual procedure of checking my mail manually. You can choose the proper alert and the proper action for every event inside your mailbox. MailBell is an outstanding program, but donít think itís ideal. Though I can see no disadvantages at all.

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