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MailWasher review

Price Freeware MailWasher  screenshot

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File size 1.5 MB
Date reviewed 6 October 2001
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      Are you tired of spam? This problem is very vital for today, and many individual developers, along with great corporations, are doing their best to find the solution. Still there was no comfortable, good program, which could be simple enough in usage, which could be safe and which could be fast and productive. Finally, the combination of these qualities was achieved by one of hundreds developers. Today we値l tell you about the newest anti-spam cool defender.
      MailWasher is the simplest and, probably, the coolest version of ever created anti-spam programs. I can稚 say I知 too enthusiastic about this program, I知 just telling the truth. All you have to do is to add your e-mail accounts to this program, then you may check your mail straightly through it. It will clear your mailbox from spam of different kinds. You値l have to set the parameters of defining spam. Besides, you値l be able to send the spam back to its sender, making him sure, that your address doesn稚 exist and that he or she could get this rubbish back easily. Just try it once, and you値l won稚 give up using this ultimate MailWasher in future!

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