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Block Out review

Price Shareware $12.95 Block Out  screenshot

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Publisher Redclaw Software
File size 1.57 MB
Date reviewed 2 November 2001
Block Out
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      “Logical games are boring. Clever games are boring. Developing games are boring. Everything is boring”. Thinking like that may cause serious injuries of brain! Skeptical approach to every program would kill the computer software industry. The only way to save it is to try again and again brand new products, different games, miscellaneous tools and applications. Experiments won’t harm, they’ll be even useful for you.
      Severe stereotype “Every clone is worse than its original” is actually broken. Block Out is a Tetris-clone game. To be honest, it’s better than Tetris, and I can prove it. Firstly, it doesn’t allow you to play without thinking. Secondly, this game is brighter and more colorful. Thirdly, the “full-screen” interface and the excellent gameplay make Block Out an independent “fighter”, lonely “Shogun” between other Tetris clones. The game’s goal is to combine Tetris figures according to their colors. When the defined number of squares of some color is reached, the figures disappear. The time, given to you for a one game, is limited, so you should think fast to get more points. The excitement of the game is incomparable to the one you get from Tetris. Check Block out once, and you would never say that clones are just poor copies!

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