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nikiTIME review

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Publisher Nikiware, Inc.
File size 5.3 MB
Date reviewed 3 November 2001
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      What time is it now? Can you tell me the time, please? All of us pronounce these phrases at least once per year. Are you sure that answers to these questions are correct? It’s very unpleasant, when somebody gives you the wrong time because of problems with his or her watches. Do you want to be a person with broken watches? I don’t think so.
      nikiTIME is the program, which automatically synchronizes your PC’s system clock with the National Institute of Standards and Technology time servers. “Inside” the program the institute is called “NIST”. It uses Coordinated Universal Time from the national time scale and updates the time on your PC to make it correct according to your regional time zone. Everything is more than simple, you should just push buttons “Update” and “Download”. The program’s icon will be situated in your system tray automatically, and to call the program you will have just to take the right click on this icon. So, as you see, this smart cool time synchronizer will allow you to avoid the process of manual correcting the time and data. Isn’t it cool?

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