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IntelliTamper review

Price Freeware IntelliTamper screenshot

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Publisher Igor Kouzmine
File size 119 Kb
Date reviewed 3 November 2001
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      Different sites in the Internet promise us to show Britney Spearsí rude nude, car crashes, latest news, fair weather forecasts and other more or less useful information. But itís still hard to believe them all, because almost every banner and link is nothing but a pure advertisement. Now you can scan sites to find out, whether they are worth visiting or not.
      IntelliTamper is the greatest warrior, who is fighting against advertising networks. Probably, our PR manager will kill me later, but I should say, that this program is extremely useful, especially for people, who donít want to waste their online time surfing from one site to another, trying to find something really important. The technology is simple enough: the program downloads the content of a site, and shows it to you. You can check it to find out, whether the advertisement was true or not. You can also save it on your hard drive and browse in offline mode. The program isnít genius, itísÖ simply the best! Too much lyrics, one can say. Nothing of the kind, I would answer. IntelliTamper is a cool element of software for people, who take care of their time and the quality of the information. Possessing the information means possessing the world. Possessing the correct information means that you are the champion. Donít miss your chance to become a champion!

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