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Mindful, the multi-functional tool serves you with an event reminder, password manager and many related tools into a simple system tray application.

RipTiger Basic

RipTiger Basic
RipTiger Basic, with this smart and handy application it is possible to download videos easily from the web.


Tifny review

Price Shareware $29.95 Tifny screenshot

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Publisher Phonetics International
File size 3.1 MB
Date reviewed 14 November 2001
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      Download managers have different aims. Mostly itís accelerating the download process, other help us with choosing proper programs and ways to them. Like Napster, the one we are reviewing now is a good manager for searching files in the Internet. Though its system is a bit complicated for a beginner, this program leaves a good impression.
      It is called Tifny, and donít ask me, why Ė there are too many strange, hard for understanding things in this program. Anyway, itís more than worth trying. Tifny connects to any NNTP compatible news server, and will automatically download and catalog UUENCODED and BASE64 encoded binary files to your hard disk. Plus it automatically puts together files posted in more than one segment. Files are placed in defined directories. Additional file information, including author, subject, newsgroup, organization, date, album and artist, is catalogued in an indexed database. You specify the newsgroups to search with optional filters. TIFNY lets you filter by author, organization, newsgroup, file type and keyword as well as the number of newsgroups the article was posted to and the size of the file. TIFNY also avoids redundant searching and duplicate downloading, saving you time and bandwidth. It also has a built-in image viewer, text viewer, and a music and video player. They showcase files cataloged in the database, while immediately displaying new files as they are downloaded. Just try to take a quick look, and youíll spend most of your time using it!

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