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PG Calculator review

Price Freeware PG Calculator screenshot

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Publisher PG software
File size 977Kb
Date reviewed 24 November 2001
PG Calculator
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      PG is a very advanced, very complex scientific calculator. It imitates the professional HP49g calculator and does everything the real world prototype does: triple mode operation (algebraical, RPN and standard), operations with values in decimal (ex. 3.14), binary (ex. #1101001B), octal (ex. #274o) and hexadecimal (ex. #F67DH) formats. Its functions are described below: 1. Addition, substraction, multiplication and division; 2. Power and roots; 3. sin, arcsin, cos, arccos, tan, arctan, cotan, hyperbolic functions; 4. natural and decimal logarithms, exponent. 5. Sum, average, maximum, minimum, absolute value; 6. Logic functions: ==, <>, >, >=, <, <=; 7. Complex numbers functions: real part, imagine part, arg, norm, conj; 8. Calculation of integrals; 9. Number's format conversions; 10. Degree measure conversions;       You can find a variety of skins for PG, it runs on all versions of Windows and is a capable replacement of the standard Win calculator. If you really do complex calculations this free program can replace an expensive device marvelously.

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