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Absolute IntelliTetris review

Price Freeware Absolute IntelliTetris screenshot

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File size 387 KB
Date reviewed 21 December 2001
Absolute IntelliTetris
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     Who hasn't been through several phases of fancy screensavers? There are screensavers which display your message on the screen, ones that slide pictures of girls in bikini, others that appear to tear up your screen bit by bit. They all have one thing in common: once you click or hit a button they stop running and show you the desktop. Absolute IntelliTetris goes a step further that other screensavers do: it actually allows you to play a simple game of tetris while the screensaver is running.
     The screensaver itself emulates a game of tetris and, mind you, it does it pretty well. The computer plays the game at quite a speed. Once you show your inclination to join the game by hitting the space button or any of the arrow buttons, the computer steps aside, slows down the speed of figures falling and lets you to be in control of the game. Apart from the game screen itself, there is a clock, a high-score list and the current score. You will feel lack of challenge later in the game when you realize that neither the speed nor the difficulty of the game change.
     All in all, Absolute IntelliTetris is a splendidly implemented idea of a screensaver that can do more than plain image change. Download this free screensaver today and join the club of intelligent screensaver addicts.

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