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IP-Tools review

Price $35 IP-Tools screenshot

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Publisher KS-Soft
File size 1143 KB
Date reviewed 23 December 2001
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     You are a net addict. Worse still, you are a systems administrator. Your desktop (and system tray, for that matter) is cluttered with applications you can't live without, such as a ping tool, a traceroute tool, a whois thingy, a port scanner, whatever else. Now you can discard all the old programs and install the new version of IP-Tools, an application that incorporates fifteen TCP/IP tools.
     IP-Tools consists of more than a dozen utilities, some of which can be of interest not only to professionals but to curious and ever-learning users too. The utilities are as follows: Local Info, Connection Monitor, NetBIOS Info, various Scanners (from shared resources to host services), Trace (a tool for every webmaster), WhoIs, Finger, LookUp, GetTime, Telnet, Ip-Monitor, Host Monitor. You can see that the names of the utilities are self-explanatory. The program has a well-designed interface and easy access to numerous options. A possibility to save and print out any information you get using this pack of tools deserves our honest praise.
     This shareware version will expire in three weeks unless you pay the desired $35 to the developers. IP-Tools is a must-have for anyone employed in the Web industry.

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