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CDCheck review

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Publisher Mitja Perko
File size 764 KB
Date reviewed 10 January 2002
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     These days burning CDs is almost as easy as was recording data onto a floppy disk a few years ago. Floppy disks had their disadvantages, such as fragility and unstability. Comparing to floppies, CDs are much more solid and reliable. Some people manage to get their CDs scratched, spill coffee over them, use them as mug coasters and still expect them to work properly. To check whether the data on your CDs is uncorrupted, use CDCheck.
     CDCheck is a utility that prevents, detects and recovers damaged files on your CDs or any other portable media such as ZIP drives, ZIV drives, etc. The main features of this tool are checking your CDs for errors, comparing the content of your CD with a specified folder on your hard drive and recovering the date on your hard drive or on a CD using the mirror function. More than that, CDCheck can create CRC files which provide extra safety for the date on your CDs.
     This tool is easy to use, fast and reliable. Try this tool today and make sure your CDs carry the same data as at the time when you burned them.

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