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JoTower review

Price 10 Euro JoTower screenshot

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Publisher Juergen Trozki Software
File size 2273 KB
Date reviewed 21 January 2002
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     There's time to sleep, eat and drink, time to work and, of course, time to play games! Particularly puzzle games, for that matter. If you play a puzzle game for a couple of hours, it doesn't leave your mind blank as a simple arcade or a 3D shooter would have. On the contrary, puzzles make your brains work, make you alert, able to think fast and concentrate better. JoTower is one of such games.
     JoTower is a puzzle game where you have to move a tower consisting of several blocks from one place to another. You can't place a bigger block on the smaller one and you can move only one block at a time. There are eight levels of difficulty and you complete a level only if you move the tower in a given (minimal) number of moves. For the first level this number is seven, for the last one it is more than a thousand.
     You can save the game and return to it later. The unregistered version lets you play the first few levels only and doesn't allow you to see a solution for each level. Try this engrossing game today and have fun exercising your brains.

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