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FireStones review

Price Freeware FireStones  screenshot

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Publisher Apus Software
File size 979 KB
Date reviewed 28 January 2002
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     Now that you know what you spend your time on, having tried the other newly-reviewed program, you can have some time off and enjoy a tetris-like game FireStones.
     FireStones is a simple puzzle game inspired by the ever-living Tetris. It greatly reminds the classic game in design - same pool with bits of something to fall into, same game controls, same scoring rules. The idea of the game greatly differs from the original, though. FireStones has colour cubes that fall in sets of three and can be rotated or moved while falling. Once achieving the surface, the set of three breaks apart and cubes fall separately, thus leaving no gaps that are so frustrating at the higher levels of Tetris.
     There are different levels of the game - in each one cubes don't fall much faster but combinations of colour seem to be more difficult. The only drawback (for some, probably, an advantage) is that all game controls are on the keyboard - mouse cursor just doesn't work on the playfield. Download this free game today and face up to the challenge!

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