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Adobe Photoshop Interface Improver review

Price 15 $ Adobe Photoshop Interface Improver screenshot

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Publisher VCW
File size 583 Kb
Date reviewed 10 August 2001
Adobe Photoshop Interface Improver
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      Have you ever felt tired of these notorious variety of buttons? That problem is extra vital, when you use some programs like Adobe Photoshop. Button-boards annoy you because they just distract you from creating, making impossible to see the full-sized editing screen. Itís justÖ very uncomfortable, isnít it?
      That program will solve all these problems simultaneously. It is called Adobe Photoshop Interface Improver but itís hard to agree with such a name. Itís, probably, the Adobeís-best-edition-creator!
      Its features-list is short, but ultimate and functional. This program just makes Photoshop easier in usage. It hides all the secondary windows into emerging state, giving you unbelievable freedom of drawing, editing and creating. The whole screen is yours, sir! But if you need a toolbar, you just should move mouse pointer to the corner of the screen where the exact toolbar was hidden, and it appears immediately. It will take you some time to get used to that feature, but then youíll see, that the speed of your work in Adobe Photoshop was really and seriously increased. Itís very, very simple in use, and it requires onlyÖ having Adobe Photoshop installed on your PC. It is worth spending greatly more than just 15 USD!

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