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Lettris review

Price Freeware Lettris screenshot

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Publisher TIGME.COM
File size 2327 KB
Date reviewed 5 April 2002
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     Do you like playing tetris? This addictive game can hold one for ages and still only the chosen ones are able to play successfully on its hardest levels, where the speed with which the bricks are falling is tremendously fast, and all you can do is watch them falling for a fraction of second and then - bang! - the game is over. How about a new look on the old idea? If you combine a tetris and a word game, you get Lettris.
     Lettris is a curious tetris-clone game where all the bricks have the same square shape but different content. Each brick carries a letter. To make bricks disappear and save space for other bricks you have to assemble English words from the falling bricks. The word will get counted and its bricks will disappear when it is assembled from left to right horizontally or from top to bottom vertically. There's a number of special bricks: for example, a bomb that destroys all adjoining blocks, adding bonus points to your score or a wildcard - a brick that you can assign any letter to while it is falling.
     The game is engaging, mind-provoking and free. Download it today and train both your mind and reaction skills.

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