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Serene Sound review

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Publisher Charles V. Balch
File size 3,0 MB
Date reviewed 14 August 2001
Serene Sound
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      Sometimes itís hard to breathe, your eyes turn red, your heart beats like a Nascar-carís engine. And then you realize, that itís the time to stop.
      Simple pause in working wonít help you anyway. Probably, the best way out in such moments is to close your eyes, make yourself feel comfortable and launch the program called Serene Sound. Till it will play different relaxation noises you will feel like a cloud in the deep blue sky, very far away from the EarthÖ Stop!
      Sorry, it seems that Iím too enthusiastic about this program. Its interface is gray not so beautiful, but functional enough to give you the ability to choose all the available sounds and to set their volume. Thatís the only feature of the program, but donít forget that itís just a pre-version. Anyway, itís enough to say that Serene Sound is really cool, simple-to-use and one of the best among relaxation programs for today. Beautiful sounds make you feel free, confident and happy. It works with Win95 and higher. Chill out!

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