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The Close Enough Clock review

Price Freeware The Close Enough Clock screenshot

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Publisher Hal Harrison
File size 231 Kb
Date reviewed 15 August 2001
The Close Enough Clock
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      Air conditioning system in your Porsche isnít a necessary feature. If itís absent, it changes nothing. If it is included into the list of that carís options, itís very pleasant.
      The same situation repeats with PC programs. Some of them are just pleasant features, but they make you feel pleased and happy. Making-us-smile-programs arenít seldom. And The Close Enough Clock program is just one of them. Itís not so necessary, but itís very convenient. It shows you the time by a large watchesí face with a ďfill-in-minutesĒ graphics. An approximate time-show system will let you not to strain yourself trying to figure out what time is it now Ė and at the same time youíll know it!
      The main advantage of the program in its highly-customizing horizons. You may choose any color for any detail of the programís window, you may choose time format, font and so on. Wide choice of such customizing features will let you convert this program into the clock you might dream to have on your PC. Everything in this program is very simple and easy. It requires Win95 and higher Ė what a nice program!

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