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Arcade Minesweeper review

Price $12 Arcade Minesweeper screenshot

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Publisher VCW
File size 3.7 MB
Date reviewed 23 August 2001
Arcade Minesweeper
Editor's review
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     It is always exciting to find out some renewals of the "good old games". It is even better, if the game is common and popular, because the Internet gives us possibility to play them online with others, enjoying the time spent near your laptop. One of such games is those notorious Minesweeper. It used to be most popular among peaceful users, who were tired of Solitaire and Doom. So, it's not necessary to describe the advantages of that program - it is well-know enough.
     But this edition of the program, called Arcade Minesweeper is really something, because it has everything not to bore: online championships, prizes and so on. It offers you different tasks like "War stopped long ago on Korean peninsula but thousands of mines left there are still threatening people lives. Mined territory separating Northern and Southern Koreas is preventing two countries from uniting. Your first mission will be to clear a small mine field near the border." It has three levels of difficulty and six "War campaigns", including "Kosovo", "Crisis in Persian Gulf" and "Conflict in Israel", in which you are supposed to act as a professional minesweeper.
     Well-designed, it has excellently performed fonts, backgrounds and shaped game fields - these details make it more interesting, beautiful and exciting, and in whole, the game is pretending to become the best remake of the common amusement.
     It's worth to try, but there's one thing you have to remember. A sapper can make only one mistake!

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