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Mass Dude NutriGame review

Price Freeware Mass Dude NutriGame  screenshot

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File size 680 Kb
Date reviewed 1 September 2001
Mass Dude NutriGame
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      Fat people aren’t unhappy people. They are just like us. And, finally, everyone can become fat. Being fat isn’t a disadvantage, and sometimes it’s even a reason of pride. But if you still make fun of fat people, you’re seriously sick, and the only medicine for you is the program called Mass Dude NutriGame.
      This game was developed as the useful amusement for people who want to learn more about what are they eating. As for me, I cannot call the game at least a copy of some serious program about nutrition facts, but, anyway, it’s a great fun – to play Mass Dude NutriGame. All you have to do is keep on your fitness exercises, trying to avoid flying food and heavy things falling on your hero from the sky. When your weight reaches its maximum level, you will loose. You should collect points just clicking the arrow keys on your keyboard. Everything is more than simple in this game. As it was created in flash, its graphics is excellent – the same would be correct for the soundtrack edition of the program. The game requires Win98 or higher – and remember, that even such “like-Stallone-looking” heroes, like your one can become fat!

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