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FurtherTime review

Price Freeware FurtherTime screenshot

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Publisher Maxim Vorsobine
File size 1,76 MB
Date reviewed 2 September 2001
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      Different flight simulators are very popular among young generation of PC users. But itís still hard to find the one, which could please everyone and which is worth spending your time on it. Of course I should notice, that there are no an ideal game in the whole virtual world: each one has its own disadvantages.
      The game called FurtherTime is a usual space combat simulator, so its qualities are common for the most of such games: complicated planeís dashboard, difficult and hard-to-remember system of controls and almost unbeatable enemies, because they act inside the game, till you are trying to establish your own laws from your own outside. The game itself isnít a hard one, it will be quite clear to experienced users, itís well-designed enough to be called ďa usual flight simulatorĒ. Though itís not so interesting to run through tutorials, youíd better do it not to be fooled by your evil opponents. The process of playing isnít calm: you have to act quickly and correct, make fast decisions and aim well. As for me, the label of ďnormal simulatorĒ is rather positive than something else, so you may try to check out this demo-version. Have a nice flight, if you only have Win98 or higher!

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