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2D Magic Square review

Price 2 $ 2D Magic Square  screenshot

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Publisher Wei Lee
File size 391 Kb
Date reviewed 8 September 2001
2D Magic Square
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      ďOh, my gosh, one more dumb game, which is pretending to develop my mind!Ē Such thoughts periodically appear in our brains, and Iím not an exclusion. But some of such games are really worth playing, at least because they are interesting.
      2D Magic Square is a simpleÖ Wait a minute! Itís not simple at all! Itís really hard, difficult game, and it will take you much time to become an expert in it. The aim of the game is in occupying all the empty squares of the game board with blue ones (in demo-version, but if you will buy the full one, pictures will vary greatly, their patterns and pictures on squares) moving lines of squares. Now tell me, is it simple? I donít think so. For the first time the game seems to be not so clear, thatís why you turn it off. But after a minute youíll be back in it, trying to win, and youíll never give up till the victory is completely yours. Thatís the main advantage of 2D Magic Square Ė it attracts us greatly. It requires Windows 98 or higher, and you need to forget about all your nerves, because this product was created for cold-blooded and patient users.

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