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BIOSAgent, this useful agent is capable of automatically identifying your computers BIOS information.

Online Desktop Presenter

Online Desktop Presenter
Online Desktop Presenter is essential for setting up hassle free presentation of your windows desktop via Internet to any other user.


Fresh Download review

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Publisher FreshDevices Corp.
File size 925 Kb
Date reviewed 10 September 2001
Fresh Download
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      Do you like BMW M5? Does it mean that you love speed? Oh, you want to have a good resource of power as your carís engine. So, you do think that to be confident you always need a reserve of speed, donít you?
      Letís stop advertising Bavarian car factory and try to solve your problem. All of us need a reserve of power & speed. Fresh Download will give it to you!
      I canít say that itís similar to M5, but it looks like a Go!Zillaís closest friend and enemy at the same time. It speeds up your downloads easily, making them one-second in duration. Thatís all. Do you want anything more? Ok. First of all, it has a simple, very easy standard interface, which will allow you to understand all the points of using Fresh Download very fast, even if you are beginner. Secondly comes the ability to download many objects at the same time. Last, but not the least goes the opportunity not to waste your traffic on flash design and download objects without entering a site, just by giving this program a link. Now I advise you to take an attempt and to watch, how your Windows 98 (at least) converts intoÖ Ok, Iím through with BMW!

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