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Tape Label Studio
Easily create your own customizable and cheap LTO Barcode Labels.
Chord Scale Generator
Chord generator, chord finder and scale finder for guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin...
Practice, learn, compose, arrange music with this auto accompaniment program.
EBook Maestro PRO
EBook Maestro Pro offers a powerful combination of an eBook compiler and on-line sales...
AKoff Music Composer
Akoff Music Composer is a song making software that assists in music creation.
Bounce Metronome
The bounce is wonderfully relaxing and precise. Almost any rhythm supported
Guitar and Bass
Guitar and bass is a FREE software for fretted instruments, such as Guitar, Bass, Banjo...
PromoSoft is an easy to use, professional software promotional tool, which...
Bossa lets you do more with iTunes. Automate your music and schedule what you...
Style Enhancer
Style Enhancer 4.0 is the sequencer based on Performance Modeling technology with powerful...
MelodyBuilder allows you to quickly try out chord progressions, experiment with new song...
ChordPulse Lite
Create your own jam tracks. Enter a chord progression, select a music style and press play...
Solfeggio Mixer
With this freeware application you can generate ultra pure Solfeggio frequencies using...
Chord finder online
Find music gutar chord by using this program. Find music gutar chord by using this program...
Piano music game
Piano software for training your ear to pick up just about any melody, chord...
Digital Band
Digital Band is an intelligent accompaniment software application which can automatically...
Free SEO Analyzer
Free SEO Analyzer. Free SEO Analyzer PHP Script is a website review and SEO tool. That allow...
BrainStorm Year Planner
BrainStorm's free Diary generator creates a diary or calendar file for any year from 1753...
Mobile Chords
D'Accord Mobile Chords enables you to get your favorite guitar chords...
SpaceMan 99
Finds and removes duplicate files from drives.