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Audio Catalog
Audio Catalog is a powerful and reliable music manager that will help you organize...
TaskMerlin is a task organizer tool that gives you complete flexibility...
Super Network Tunnel
Super Network Tunnel = SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control.
Advanced Email Verifier
Advanced E-mail Verifier clears your mailing list from bad email addresses and helps...
K Database Magic
Database Desktop, SQL manager, merge data, data comparison and many more function...
AMS Enterprise
AMS Enterprise is a powerful program that includes everything you may ever need for managing...
Crypt-o is a Client/Server password manager with many advanced features like strong...
DSV PHP Editor
DSV PHP Editor is a tool for writing, editing, PHP scripts and web files.
ID Card Workshop
ID Card Workshop is a membership management and ID card software.
VSQL++ for MySQL
VSQL++ for MySQL is an MySQL database management software that supports MySQL 4.1 or above.
dbForge Studio for Oracle
dbForge Studio for Oracle is a powerful IDE which helps developers to increase PL/SQL coding...
Backup-2006 Studio
Because one method is not enough Backup-2006 Studio includes classic backup module...
The complete hard disk space manager for Windows. Scans directory trees and stores structure...
Sharepoint connectivity manager for web services.
Document and report on the SQL objects making up your SQL Server database.
Music Library
Music Library
All you need to manage your music collections, MP3s or audio CDs.
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL
EMS SQL Manager for MySQL is a powerful tool for MySQL Server administration and development...
DTM SQL editor
DTM SQL editor is a set of powerful database management tools that allow...
HS Multi-Email Sender
The software sends newsletter or offer e-mails to a periodic email list using...
Aurora Password Manager
Aurora Password Manager is a full-featured password management solution ideally suited...
EMS Data Pump for DB2
EMS Data Pump for DB2 is a powerful utility for converting databases and importing table...