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Restrict Internet access at specified times or on demand. Block harmful content, disable...
Norton 360
Norton 360
Our ultimate Internet and antivirus protection for all you do online – with backup, tuneup...
iNet Protector
With iNet Protector you can restrict Internet access or password protect Internet connection...
InstantBingoCard is an educational-software that can help you make your own custom printable...
Access Administrator
Protect your files and restrict other users from being able to start, see, change or delete...
Hangman Pro
Hangman Pro
Hangman Pro is a modern take on the classic hangman word-guessing game.
Magic Whiteboard
Magic Whiteboard is a cute network drawing program, designed especially for kids.
4 Elements
The ancient kingdom is in trouble! The magic of the four elements that kept it running...
Small Fun Farkle
Small Fun Farkle is a fast-paced, addictive, easy to learn dice game (for 1 to 8...
Guess the phrases by selecting letters to fill in the slots. If you make too many errors...
iTVmediaPlayer is a software (or app) that provides you access to millions of full-length...
A cool arcade game with infinite number of game levels, and different skill levels.
Online News Screensaver
Get the latest news and weather delivered right to your computer screen with this cool...
Episode Downloader
Episode Downloader is designed to help you download free episodes...
Obludia is an old-school arcade arena action inspired by classics such as Robotron or Smash-TV...
Little Hero
Little Hero is THE arcade game right now. The creators of free action games...
Protect your files and stop others from being able to start, see, change, delete
VeggieBreak Kids
A special edition created just for kids 9 and under. Oversized blocks, paddle and ball make...
3D Bumpy Jumpy Deluxe
Help main the personage the Bumpy to overcome the obstacles and collect treasures in the lost...
Country Logo Quiz
Test your knowledge of famous country logos with their respective brands.
H+Soft Arcade
Have your own personal arcade on your PC or Laptop with H+Soft Arcade!
Fishdom by Playrix
Build up your Fishdom! Solve immersive puzzles to earn cash and then use it to buy eye-candy...
Snake Game Station
Enjoy a classic snake game and relax in the year of the black water snake 2013.
The ActivityZilla simplifies user activity monitoring - now you can monitor all your kid's...