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Aml Maple
Aml Maple
Aml Maple has a new kind of view on keyboard layout indicators: simple, modern, flexible.
EF Talk Scriber
EF Talk Scriber combines a text editor and an audio file player, designed to work like...
Just Color Picker
Free colour picker and colour-editing tool. Features 5 formats of colour codes (HTML, RGB...
Touchpad Blocker
A must have software for notebook owners who prefer to use touchpad...
This free software provides you with a faster alternative to Graffiti.
Hardwarel Icon Set
Your products will look more modern and attractive with Hardware Icon Set.
Roboform for PC
RoboForm remembers and securely stores your online and offline passwords, automatically logs...
LearnWords Palm
LearnWords - highly effective training program for learning foreign words and various facts...
LearnWords WM5
LearnWords - training program for learning foreign languages (PC, WM6, WM5, Pocket PC, Palm...
Piano Sight Read
Piano Sight Read helps you practice sight reading your piano notes on your Palm.
ASPectX for PALM
ASPectX is a point n tap web development tool for asp and aspx.NET pages.
Vista Start Menu
Replaces the regular start menu from the user's operating system.
Adjust the system volume using mouse scroll.
Turn Off Monitor
Turn Off Monitor is a Utility by which you can Turn Off Monitor using either a shortcut Key...
FlashDemo Studio
Record your PC screen activity in real time to create interactive demonstrations, tutorials...
Address Book Master
Address Book Master is an address book converter, transfer/copy contacts from one PIM...
PC WorkBreak
PC WorkBreak
Lower RSI risk and schedule reminders for breaks.
Magellan Explorer
Powerful dual window file manager with integrated FTP client, an advanced image...
3DRT PingPong
A simulation of the Table Tennis game on PC. Intuitive, complete and complying...
Type accented and other special Unicode characters using easy to remember keyboard shortcuts...