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FormsAssistant makes it easy to create new forms, modify existing ones, and fill...
The Cancer Dictionary
A handy, FREE dictionary containing definitions of cancer related terms.
PC Icon Editor
PC Icon Editor is a powerful tool designed to Create, Edit and Manage Windows icons and Icon...
PowerForms helps the creation and filling of model PowerPoint presentations that you can...
NoteMagic Lite
Ever wonder why such a wimpy text editor shipped with Windows?
All Perfect Icons
All Perfect Icons is a collection of more than twenty royalty-free icon sets.
Medical Software
The Medical Software can be used efficiently for all types of medical professions including...
Medical Toolbar Icons
Develop professional-looking applications for hospitals, medical and health care specialists...
Ruby Medical Icons
If you want your application to look attractive and yet be user-friendly and eye-catching...
Medical Icons for WP7
Design perfect medical apps for the Windows Phone platform! Compatible with Windows 8...
Windows Toolbar Icons
A collection of modern stock icons for application developers and Web designers.