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Atrise HTMLock
HTMLock allows you to create password protected HTML pages and hide HTML source...
Universal Shield
Universal Shield 4.4 is a powerful tool, combining data hiding, protection, and encryption:...
World of CryptoPics
CryptoPics (or Nonograms/Griddlers) are logic puzzles in which the aim is to reveal...
Free Hide Folder
Free Hide Folder is a free computer security software to hide your private folders.
Asynx Planetarium
Asynx Planetarium is a easy to use planetarium program and solar system simulator.
A-PDF to Video
A-PDF to Video is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets...
Decor8 provides the freedom to personalize your start screen with your own images and colors.
Desktop Icon Toy
Desktop Icon Toy is a desktop icon enhancement tool, which could animate desktop icons...
Taskbar Helper
Designed to help users eliminate clutter in the taskbar when many applications are open...
Hot Virtual Keyboard
Create Your Own Virtual Keyboard. Hot Virtual Keyboard makes previous-generation on-screen...
Windows 7 Manager
An all-in-one utility to tweak, optimize, tune and clean up your Windows 7, it includes...
Mask My IP
Mask My IP
Mask My IP, a Free utility, hides your IP address and prevents your online surfing...
Boxoft PDF to Video
Boxoft to Video is a simple, lightning-fast and powerful desktop utility program that lets...
Kutools for Excel
Kutools for Excel includes more than 120 powerful functions and tools for Microsoft Excel.
Ardamax Keylogger
Ardamax Keylogger is a small, easy-to-use keylogger that captures user activity...
SysResources Manager
System utility for watching the current state of the system such as CPU usage...
Start Screen Unlimited
Unleash the full capabilities of your Windows 8 Start Screen with Start Screen Unlimited!
GetWebPics is media files download manager. It will allow you to download...
Tabs for Excel
Help manage and edit your excel workbooks in only one excel window, bringing tabbed browsing...
Tweak PDF
Tweak PDF
The initial view of a PDF document can be tweaked. Is it a secret of PDF file? Well...