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Digital Diary
A place to record memories both visually as well as audibly.
Dual Writer
Dual Writer is a Windows word processor with Speech Recognition and integrated transcription...
WAV Recorder Plus
WAV Recorder Plus is an easy to use program that can record from any sound device, such...
Tyberis Music Database
This software is able to recognize musical pieces by only "listening" to a short fragment...
AV Music Morpher
Morpher changes singer's voice, add beats, add effects, changes tempo.
Easy audio mixer
Easy audio mixer is a multi track editor audio designed for beginners.
G-tune automatically measures the pitch of your instrument using a unique high-accuracy...
Dictation Pro
Having diificulty typing your documents? Speak and let Dictation Pro type for you. Prepare...
Voice Recognition software to speak to your computer. Tell it to do things like open...
Call Center CRM
Voicent's Call Center CRM is a powerful software tool for managing customer interactions...
Singing Tutor
Singing Tutor - is the interactive software for improving your singing skills and tuning...
Pronexus VBVoice Interactive Voice Response (IVR) software is a powerful, rapid application...
VentaFax & Voice
VentaFax is a powerful fax and answering machine software with color fax support...
VentaFax Business
VentaFax is a powerful fax and answering machine software with color fax support...
Text perception 02
Find the moment read the text. Adjust reading speed for maximum enjoyment. Ability...
Audio To Midi
Audio To MIDI creates MIDI sequences from WAV/MP3/CD tracks, also in realtime.