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Citrus Alarm Clock
An alarm clock that wakes you relaxed and on time with your own music collection.
Hot Alarm Clock
Turn your PC into a powerful alarm clock! Wake up to your favorite music or tune to an online...
Analogue Alarm Clock
Analogue Alarm Clock is an exceptional quality advanced alarm clock for your Windows desktop.
WakeMeUp! is an advanced alarm clock that can resume your PC from Stand By mode and give...
Music Alarm Clock
Play MP3 songs, CD tracks, videos or MPEG movies as the ring sound with this computer Alarm...
Atomic Alarm Clock
Offers users a bunch of extra utilities, such as an alarm clock, skins for tray clock...
Weather Clock
Get things done and don't forget your umbrella using this customizable clock with exact...
Analogue Vista Clock
Analogue Vista Clock is an outstanding quality alarm clock for your desktop.
Free Countdown Timer
It's great to be able to fully concentrate on the task at hand while waiting for a future task...
Music Alarm Pro
A powerful Music Alarm Clock designed for Windows. This Music Alarm Clock allows...
Alarm Master
This skinnable PIM includes talking alarm clock, scheduler, calendar and timer.
Eusing Clock
Small desktop clock application that will place a great looking, colorful clock on the screen...
Computer Alarm Clock
Need a reminder to make a call, go to a meeting or just not to miss a TV program?
PC Alarm Clock
PC Alarm Clock is an easy to use computer alarm clock software.
Active Alarm Clock
Say bye to the conventional Windows tray clocks. Not only does it display...
Atrise Wakeup
With Atrise Wakeup you can get additional awakening reliably if you cannot awake with using...
Easy Timer Plus
This tool is a pretty clock and an intuitive timer. Transparency, colors, position and size...
Free Alarm Clock Portable
If you need portable alarm clock software for Windows, this is the software you are looking...
Mobile alarms or phone alarms are getting indispensable and convenient in our life.
CoolStuff.WS Alarm Clock
The alarm clock is designed for Windows Mobile devices to make a loud sound...
AddressWizard Pro
This netscanner for permanent address supervision of up to 15 IP-addressranges creates...
Cute-Timer Free
Cute-Timer allows you to set up a countdown timer on your desktop...
MP3 PC Alarm Clock
MP3 PC Alarm Clock is an easy to use computer alarm clock software.
Softdiv Alarm Clock
Softdiv Alarm Clock is an alarm program which supports Mp3, Wav and Midi files.
Wake Me Up!
Wake Me Up! is a simple application which acts as an alarm. Instead of the usual beeps...
College Alarm Clock
College Alarm Clock is a personal Alarm Clock for your PC. Features a 7-Day...
Active WebCam
Captures video from recording devices connected to the...