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DLL to Lib
DLL to Lib
Convert DLL into equivalent static library so that you can distribute your applications...
Skater TOTAL
Skater TOTAL
Skater TOTAL totally stops MSIL disassemblers. This is the assurance that no one will...
QRCode Decoder SDK/NET
This library is a .NET library for decoding QRCode based on JIS X 0510 and ISO/IEC18004,it...
QRCode Encoder SDK/DLL
With the SDK/DLL,you can encode up to 1,817 Kanji or chinese characters ,2953 bytes, 4296...
QRCode Decoder SDK/Iphone
This library is a C/C++ library for decoding QRCode based on JIS X 0510 and ISO/IEC18004,it...
Hetman Office Recovery
Recover lost and deleted documents and spreadsheets with a heavy-duty office recovery suite.
Cryptogram puzzle game for Windows. The computer makes it easy to change guesses. Letter...
Boxer Text Editor
This full-featured text editor saves you time and effort on even the most complex editing...
Access Password Recovery
Simple & quick method to Recover Access Database Password is now available with the amazing...
Duplicate Finder
Duplicate Finder is a precision software program created to locate and resolve duplicate...
Lingobit Localizer
Lingobit Localizer is a powerful software localization tool for Visual C /MFC, Delphi, .NET...
OceanDive is a unique combination of a 3D marine life screensaver and a scuba diving...
Get into your submarine and go pearl-fishing in addictive underwater puzzle.
Born to be Big
A small fish is born in the vast expanses of the ocean. It is full of hungry...
OrgScheduler LAN
A networking calendar and scheduling system. Calendar management is implemented...
Audio Catalog
Audio Catalog is a powerful and reliable music manager that will help you organize...
Sea Trapper
Take the role of an underwater explorer and trapper and get into the most mysterious parts...
FreeCommander is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard windows file manager.
Comfy Hotel Reservation
The program assists hotels, apartments, b&b accommodations, motels, guest-houses and holiday...
FlexTk Express
FlexTk allows one to search and classify files, apply rule-based, file organizing...
Hex Editor Neo
Binary Data and File Data Editing Software Utility for Windows.
Magic Forex Intuition
Magic Forex Intuition training software is designed to develop intuition to work at Forex...