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3D Magic Mahjongg
Play classic Mahjongg Solitaire in stylish 3D backgrounds, like chinese temple...
Spider Wizard
Spider Wizard contains not only the classic solitaire card game Spider, but 15 other similar...
Pretty Good MahJongg
Play the classic MahJongg solitaire tile matching game, MahJongg puzzle games, and original...
1st Free Solitaire
A free collection of 7 popular card games to play. It contains the following popular...
Solitaire XP
If you do not like the Windows 7 version of Solitaire here is your chance to play the old...
Daisy Reversi
Try to beat the computer at the board game Reversi (Othello).
Elite Freecell
A new life of old freecell. Elements of adventure have been introduced in the popular game...
Wiz Solitaire
Wiz Solitaire is a collection of several classic card games (Klondike, FreeCell, Spider...)...
Lets you play the game of Peg Solitaire. The novel feature of this implementation...
Mahjongg Variations
Play Mahjongg Solitaire in 12 unique ways. You choose how to play the game...
Agnes Solitaire
Agnes Solitaire is similar to Klondike (Classic) Solitaire. The game...
Super Solitaire
Super Solitaire Deluxe includes about 450 solitaire card games such as FreeCell, Diplomat...
Super Clicks
Super Clicks computer game - famous easy strategic game in brand new layout.
Smart Mahjongg
Smart Mahjongg is the adaptation of an popular old Chinese board game especially for Pocket...
Premium Freecell
A new life of old freecell. Elements of adventure have been introduced in the popular game...
MVP Solitaire
Twenty of the world's most popular solitaire games, presented in full 24-bit color...
Dog Solitaire Card Game
Dog solitaire is one of many free solitaire card games with solitaire dog theme.
Hockey Solitaire
New colorful free game for all solitaire and hockey amateurs from
Easter Mahjong
Happy Easter from Mahjong! Enjoy this time of year by playing...
Summer Freecell Solitaire
Want to spend your summer in a cell? Stay out of trouble by playing Summer Freecell Solitaire...
Summer Yukon Solitaire
What's hot this summer? Yukon solitaire! Yukon solitaire is a solitaire combination game. Get...
Wasp Solitaire 1 Suit
Love Spider Solitaire? Try this fun new solitaire variation on for size. Wasp Solitaire...
MahJongg solitaire with numbered or Chinese tile sets. Board editor included - build...
Golfer Freecell
Golfer Freecell, the classic frecell solitaire card game with a fun golf theme.