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Advanced PBX Data Logger
Advanced PBX Data Logger enables users to record, track and archive phone calls and can...
Serial Port Splitter
Allows you to manage virtual and real ports by creating various types of port bundles.
Serial Port Redirector
Connect a serial application to a remote TCP socket. This allows you to utilize...
Product Key Explorer
Product Key Exploreris is product key finder and product key recovery program...
Product Key Finder
Product Key Finder is a single function utility to recover product keys(CD Keys)...
Free open source VCL/FireMonkey (FMX) fast data flow component library similar to LabVIEW...
Serial Port Terminal
Use Serial Port Terminal to connect to remote computer using null-modem, send or receive...
VSPD Mobile Phone Edition
VSPD Mobile can create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system, resulting...
COM Port Splitter
With COM Port Splitter you can manage your virtual and real ports by using...
Serial Splitter Mobile
With Serial Splitter Mobile by Eltima for Windows Mobile 2003/2005 you can split real...
Software Modem
There are many old communication applications that require a direct modem connection.
Collects, presents and manages system data.
eM Client
eM Client
Manages personal emails with advanced features.