document.writeln("Men in Photo Frames - Cute gadget for desktop Windows.
Honorable fourth place in the ranking of the most popular things on the desktop takes a picture frame. On the table with the ladies you can see it more often than men (11% vs. 9%). It is placed not only family portraits, but also photos of your favorite pets: 'Digital Photo Frame with the alternating images of a husband, son and cat.' We present you a widget - 100 most beautiful women in the world on your desktop - in the opinion of all Internet Customer service area in the world.
The program serves as a nice decoration for your desktop and gives it a more vibrant look. After starting the Gnome Photo Frame on your desktop box will appear with the photos.
You can choose the position of your widget, drag anywhere on the desktop. You can also select photo frame, the image, and various startup options, change images.
To install download the installation package with the program. Double-click the downloaded file.
To remove a widget from startup - remove it from the startup folder Windows.");