document.writeln("PDF Invoice Split (A-PDF Content Splitter) is an ideal tool if you have many PDF invoice documents that you want to split into separate PDF invoice files. By splitting the PDF invoice documents based on text content such as invoice number, this software can help you split a batch of PDF files without repeating adding PDFs or configuring split settings.

Why PDF Invoice Split

Split PDF invoice document based on invoice number.
Support splitting a batch of PDF invoice documents at the same time.
Support customizing split rule for splitting the PDF invoice document.
Export current rule and import it for splitting future PDF invoice projects.
Support defining properties/security/output file name/output folder for each split file.

Easy & Intuitive

The intuitive interface of PDF Invoice Split software makes it easier for you to operate the PDF invoice document splitting. Unlike many PDF splitter application, the distinct 4-step UI of PDF Invoice Split will not confuse you.

Step 1: Add PDF Documents
Click 'Add PDF documents' or 'Add a directory' icon to add multiple invoice PDF documents.

Step 2: Select a Rule for Splitting
PDF Invoice Split provides you with 3 pre-designed split rules, including InvoiceID rule. And after you select the InvoiceID rule, you can click the 'Edit Rule' to customize the split rule for your invoice PDF files.

Step 3: Define Output Directory
You can select an output folder for the split PDF files, to the original or an alternative directory.

Step 4: Split PDF(s)
Click 'Split All' to start splitting the added invoice PDF documents.


Once you finished editing the rule for one PDF page based on Invoice number, PDF Invoice Split will record the rule and apply to other page. And when it detects a different invoice number at that position, it will split the PDF as a new PDF document.

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