document.writeln("If you are running a business, whether a sole trader, a limited company, freelancer or a home business, you know its important to have a nice invoice. A professional and beautiful invoices helps in collection of payments. In business form design such as invoices, many people like to use Microsoft Excel due to its flexibility. You can easily change the colors, fonts, borders of the elements on the form. However it is still not easy if you need to manage customers, products, invoices and tracking payments. Excel Invoice Manager - now renamed to Uniform Invoice Software, solves all these headaches by connecting Excel invoice forms with background databases.

Excel Invoice Software, or Uniform Invoice Software, was built with flexibility in mind. This makes it is possible to connect various Excel invoice layouts. You can not only change colors, fonts, etc. with your family Excel tools, but also be able to move cells and fields on the spreadsheet without breaking the connection with the backend database. With the support for custom fields, you can even add new fields to the main tables - customers, products, invoices and shipping address.

With this Excel Invoice Software (Uniform Invoice Software), you not only have a customizable invoice layout just like a general Excel invoice template, but also the ability to:

- Manage customer accounts
- Manage products / items
- Manage invoices
- Tracking Payments");